Frequent Urination- A Migraine Aura????

Frequent Urination- A Migraine Aura????
Migraine is a common neurological condition that affects millions of people around the world. The majority of migraine sufferers experience an “aura” before the onset of their migraine headache, which can occur several minutes to an hour before the actual attack. While some of these symptoms are more common than others, such as visual disturbances or sensory changes, one lesser-known aura symptom is frequent urination. Let’s explore what causes this symptom and how to cope with it. 

What Is Frequent Urination?
Frequent urination is defined as needing to urinate more often than usual or having a greater need to urinate than normal. People who experience frequent urination in relation to their migraine aura may have an urge to use the bathroom even though they only drank a small amount of fluid or have just used the restroom recently. It is important to note that frequent urination alone does not always indicate migraine aura; this symptom could be caused by other medical conditions and should be brought up with your doctor for further evaluation. 

What Causes Frequent Urination During Migraine Auras?
The exact cause of frequent urination during migraine aura has yet to be determined, but experts believe it is due to changes in the brain chemistry during an attack. It appears that when certain parts of the brain become overactive during a migraine episode, it can lead to bladder dysfunction which can result in frequent urination. This dysfunction can also lead to feelings of urgency and incontinence during a migraine attack as well. 

How Can I Cope With Frequent Urination During Migraines?
The best way to cope with frequent urination during migraines is through lifestyle modifications and medications tailored specifically for you by your doctor. For example, avoiding diuretics like caffeine or alcohol and limiting intake on fluids can help reduce the number of times you need to use the restroom during a migraine episode. Additionally, if your doctor determines that medication might help alleviate some symptoms associated with your migraines (including frequent urination), they will work with you on finding one that fits your needs best.  

 In conclusion, while not all people experience frequent urination as part of their migraines, it is important for those who do understand what causes this symptom and how they can cope with it effectively. If you suspect you may be experiencing frequent urination as part of your migraine aura, talk about it with your doctor so they can provide you with helpful advice on how best to manage it alongside any other treatments you may be using for your condition. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to managing any kind of chronic illness!

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