Emotional Support Oils For Kids

Emotional Support Oils For Kids
We are living in difficult times, and I want to share a few tips for talking with children about difficult world events, and share my favorite oils for emotional support for kids.

1. Be in charge of what and how your child sees and hears by limiting their exposure to news so you can decide what and how to share with your children. If they are exposed to news stories and feel scared or unsure, Valor is a wonderful oil to help calm and ground them.

2. When exposure is unavoidable, share basic facts about what happened at an age-appropriate level. In situations where kids see things first hand, or if they internalize scary stories, Peace & Calming is a good oil to help them return to a state of peacefulness.

3. Reinforce that you will do all you can to keep them safe, and model healthy coping habits like meditation or prayerful gratitude. Seedlings Calm can help kids wind down and practice short meditations or prayers.

Hope this is helpful, and I'd love to hear any tips you might have!