The Optimized Life

With Leah Parker FNP-C

Taking the "Overwhelm" out of an Autoimmune Disorder or Chronic Illness Diagnosis and helping Empower the  "Success-Minded" Woman to continue living her life to the fullest potential despite that diagnosis.


Are You Ready To Take Back Your Life?

1:1 Coaching and Consultations Are Now Available 

Some of the many things I can assist you with include:

Helping you learn how to speak to your Doctor or Health Care Provider so they will listen

The Basics of Nutrition and how it affects Autoimmune disease (Do's and Dont's)

How to best prepare for your appointment with a specialist







It can be very overwhelming to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness

The Good News is You Do Not Have to Walk This Road Alone


Are You Ready To Take Back Your Life?

I am Ready To Take Back My Life

Frequently asked questions

QuestionSince You are a Nurse Practitioner can you just be my provider or give me specific medical advice?

Answer- Although I am a Nurse Practitioner, in these sessions I will NOT be providing medical advice like diagnosing or prescribing any conditions or medications, but instead will be strictly coaching you to help you navigate your new diagnosis that was already given to you by your own medical provider, or assist you in providing a provider to help you get a diagnosis that you may be seeking for your symptoms.