This is my little home on the web where I share all the things from my blog to tips for living with MCAS, Histamine intolerance and Migraines. I love functional medicine and holistic living but will occasionally throw in a few nuggets from traditional medicine to mix it up. 
When you live with chronic illness- you always need a plan B because life is not predictable. Here are a few links for ideas to supplement your income. Whether you are dreaming of writing your first book, or becoming an affiliate for wellness related products that help those of us in the Chronic illness community-these are just a few of my favorites.

 Come join this community that will help EMPOWER you with TIPS, TRICKS, and a little SASS as you navigate your life with MCAS, HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE and MIGRAINES!

Here is where I will share the links to my latest books and articles that I have contributed to.

Every week I will share an inspiring stories, tips and tricks to help manage chronic illness, and focused wellness essentials.

Here are a few of my favorite products -and a discount for you!


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