How to Keep A Positive Mindset Despite Health Setbacks!
This past week was a real do-sy when it comes to setbacks- 

I have chronic migraines but my head does not like the months of Feb-May! It’s like clockwork. My chronic migraines go from annoying to a level of “I want to curse someone out”. That’s pretty fun when you care for lovely folks for a living. 

Then to add to the fun I also deal with a condition called mast cell activation syndrome- and my most aggravating symptoms lately has to do with my breathing. This  past weekend while at the mall with my kiddos I decided to try a new tea (I usually get nervous trying new things because I never know if I will tolerate it) Well I’ve done pretty well lately since my new medication regimen has kept my symptoms fairly stable- keyword “fairly” within 10 minutes of drinking said tea I felt the all to familiar feeling of my lungs closing. Luckily my regimen keeps me from going into full anaphylaxis but I did have to run and use my inhaler a few times to open up my airways- something I have not had to do in awhile-

But that wasn’t the worst day of the week- 

Friday I went to the salon to get my hair done. I walked in with a feeling of dread. I have had a love/hate relationship with my hair for the last several years. My hair has been doing amazing for the last 3 years. It has felt thick and healthy and has been growing really well. About 4 weeks ago I felt the shift. When I started to comb it I noticed more and more hair coming out and the texture changing. I was hoping I was just imagining it but over the next few weeks the hair loss was very obvious.

  • So when I went into the salon, I knew I would have to cut a significant amount off-AGAIN! 
  • It didn’t make the moment any easier and as tears started to build up- I had to tell myself some things- and I will tell you the same if you are going through some health challenges or setbacks.
  • You are allowed to feel all the emotions in this moment
  • This moment does not define you
  • Better days WILL come-
Some things I do is:

  • Listen to my favorite music- music is food for the soul
  • Read my favorite book-nothing like “escapism” to list my mood and take the mind off current circumstances.
  • Stay away from the news and media- I find news can increase anxiety and during times of a setback, you want to keep your focus on the most positive things you can find- so no NEWS!
  • Try to connect with your “positive” people- this may not be family and that’s okay. The online support community has come a long ways over the years. Try to find a group that is focused on positivity-If you need one- I will post the link to mine Here
  • Use uplifting essential oils- citrus oils like orange, and lemon and bergamot are very uplifting and helpful in times of a setback. My favorites are here
Health challenges and setbacks will come-and then they will go! 

Find what works for YOU to keep in a positive mood!



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